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2011-02-08 16:37:43 by NewgroundStan

sorry i can't make the flash anymore. im to busy to animate it. im with my friends helping make a new game see ya

New vid

2011-01-13 18:26:20 by NewgroundStan

My new vid on YouTube me playing with FIRE!!!

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Mmm tasty

2011-01-13 18:14:33 by NewgroundStan

Yay my profile has been updated and now I'v got the Ukiki theme. Enjoy while the Ukiki's eat there Watermelons, YUM!!!


2011-01-13 17:33:50 by NewgroundStan

GUYS iv been working on Ed and Jak and good news. Iv got half teh episode done. EPIC
i dont know when it will be released but this year is most likley
have a nice day :D

New Flash next year!!!

2010-12-15 16:02:04 by NewgroundStan

Me and coolzane78 are working on a flash series called Jak and Ed vs Kirby.
The first episode will be released next year and i got my insperation from Bowser's Kingdom.
The cast:
NewgroundStan - Jak, Kirby
coolzane78 - Ed, Meta Knight
Owen Loadwick - King Dedede
Also a Merry X-Mas to all of you guys!!!
Jak is in the attachment

New Flash next year!!!

The FXcrew

2010-12-08 13:44:47 by NewgroundStan

The 'FXcrew' is about 5 people who work on my website and forum. Goto:
for the latest gaming infomation and more!
Join the forums now at:
So Enjoy and sign up!!!

My YouTube

2010-12-08 13:38:12 by NewgroundStan

My Channel
^You've gotta go to my YouTube channel, NOW!!!^
I'm playing Video Games and if YOU have a YouTube
account, Subscribe NOW!!! :P